Connectivity Built-In

Enabling Satellite Broadband Communications-On-The-Move


Phasor awarded Horizon 2020 Grant for revolutionary flat-panel, phased array communications technology. Electronically Steerable Antenna technology seen as a game-changer for satellite communication-on-the-move services.

SmallSats: Change Agents from the Ground Up

Phasor featured in Via Satellite Article...

Completely Scalable

To Suit Your Connectivity

Phasor brings digital innovation to the analog antenna world.

  • Phasor is launching a patented digital Phased Array antenna technology for communicating with satellites from moving vehicles.
  • Its modular architecture allows the system to be scaled to any requirement.
  • It can match the performance of a 2.4m dish or greater.
  • Delivering G/Ts of greater than 20 dB/K and EIRPs of greater than 70 dBW.
Ultra-High Data-Rates:


Provides connectivity up to hundreds of Mbps in virtually any location on earth.

Very Low Profile:

Flat & Conformable

1 inch thick. The system can conform to any fuselage or superstructure - flat or curved.

Highly Reliable:

No Moving Parts

Fully electronic steering with no mechanical parts - extremely robust and reliable.

Phasor's Technology Is

Frequency Agnostic

Phasor's technology can be designed to perform in

Most of the commonly used satcom spectrum.

Phasor is currently launching product to work over the entire Ku-band at 11 & 14GHz.
This complies with the standard "29-25log(Ɵ)" regulations.

Development has begun on Ka-band and X-band variants.

Pure Communications Mobility.

It Makes No Difference

Either You Are Moving, Or The Satellite

Phasor's technology is all about mobility and communications.

Any satellite signal can be dynamically tracked or directed.

This is why Phasor uniquely enables the success of any Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Satellite Constellation, as well as empowering Geostationary (GEO) Communications Networks to address the growing
communications on the move market.